Installation of New Wood Deck – Niles

A new wood deck can help you get more use out of your outdoor space. With this recent project in Niles, IL, we designed, built, and installed a new wood deck off the back door of the resident’s home. The beautiful new addition offers space for seating and plenty of extra room.

The deck was custom designed and built to meet the needs of this Niles homeowner. The deck needed to fit within a specific space and incorporate the existing deck roof.

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As you can see from the pictures, we helped create a private spot where the homeowners can sit and relax while looking over their backyard. Each side of the deck includes square lattices with vertical and horizontal boards. The lattices add privacy to the porch without cutting off the view entirely.

The deck also includes wide, sturdy stairs with thick railings on each side for convenient access to the rest of the backyard. Guardrails extend around the perimeter, making the deck a safe place for visitors of all ages. Children and the elderly should have no problem going up or down the stairs.

The bottom of the deck includes skirting, which serves several purposes. The desk skirting conceals the area under the deck, including the posts, creating a more visually appealing presentation. It also keeps away pests, such as woodchucks, raccoons, and opossums. We also included small doors on the skirt to provide access to the underside when necessary.

This new wood deck is just one example of how we can improve the exterior of any home in Niles or the surrounding area. Along with new deck installation, we offer professional installation for new windows, siding, gutters, and more. We can help transform the appearance and value of your home. Contact the experts at Mega Solutions Inc. today for a quote!

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