New Composite Deck with Stairs and Railings in Evanston

A homeowner in Evanston contacted us for help with an outdoor project, as they needed to replace an old deck. Our team added a new composite deck with stairs and railings, which instantly boosted the appeal of the backyard.

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The old deck was worn and in need of repairs. The previous finish had worn off long ago, leaving behind the sight of worn wood boards. The deck did not quite match the rest of the aesthetics in the backyard, which also included a patio with seating and a grill.

The new composite deck is a major improvement over the old deck. The new deck has a clean look that should hold up well with minimal maintenance, even when dealing with Evanston winters. A dark color was chosen for the railings to give contrast to the deck.

The homeowners were able to update their outdoor living area at an affordable price. With the new deck, they now have more space for entertaining themselves or guests. It is a functional renovation that they can enjoy for many years.

A deck offers space for extra seating and can act as an extension of your living area. The smooth, finished boards are comfortable to walk on, allowing you to step outdoors without needing to put on shoes. As the deck is elevated off the ground, it also offers a great view of the rest of the yard. Replacing the old deck should help the homeowners at this Evanston property get more use out of their outdoor space.

A new deck can dramatically enhance any outdoor space. However, there are many other areas of the home to consider, including the kitchen, bathroom, windows, roofing, and more. At Mega Solutions Inc, we have many years of experience handling all types of interior and exterior home renovations. Contact us today to find out how we can help bring your ideas to life.

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