New Wood Deck With Railings and Stairs – Des Plaines

Check out this recent project for an example of how a front porch can create a better first impression. We recently installed a new wood deck with railing and stairs for a homeowner in Des Plaines. The new deck significantly improved the exterior of the home, giving it a much-needed update.

The old porch included wood stairs, railing, and deck, but had gradually fallen into disrepair. One of the balusters supporting the handrail was missing and some of the boards were warped and showing signs of deterioration.

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We removed the old porch and custom-built a new one. The new deck included a set of stairs with six steps instead of five, helping to make the height of each step safer. The new design also included thick posts and sturdy handrails, providing support for those climbing up or down the steps. Other features include a railing and skirt along the sides of the deck.

The railing features thick posts while the skirt is more secure compared to the siding that was found on the old deck. The new design is sturdier and better equipped to withstand the elements.

The new wood deck was topped off with decorative post caps to help complete the look. This Des Plaines home now stands out thanks to its quality deck.

A new wood deck with railings and stairs helped improve the curb appeal of this home, which should result in a great return on investment for the homeowner. However, this is just one of many ways that we can help create a stronger first impression.

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