Window Replacement in Bloomingdale

If you notice a draft near your windows or condensation on them, it may be time for a replacement. Our team recently completed a window replacement project for a home in Bloomingdale. The new windows likely contributed significantly to the heating and cooling properties of the home.

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This Bloomingdale home has a back room lined with tall windows that almost reach entirely from the floor to the ceiling. The room also has a sliding door with access to the back patio. These features allow lots of natural light to reach the home during certain times of the day. With a dozen windows, the room also provided plenty of spaces for air to escape and cool air to enter. Replacing the windows was the perfect solution.

We installed the latest energy-efficient windows throughout the room. The room retains its view of the surrounding yard and offers greater protection from the outside environment. These updates should help keep the room at an ideal temperature instead of contributing to the loss of heating and cooling.
If your home has older windows, it may be time to consider new window installation. Some of the signs that you need new windows may include the presence of noticeable drafts from the windows, condensation around the windowsills, cracks, and stuck windows. New windows can solve these issues and help improve insulation and noise reduction.

Installing the latest windows boosts the energy efficiency of the property and blocks more noise from outside. You can enjoy a quieter, more comfortable environment.

The installation of new windows is just one way that we can update the look and value of your property. We have years of experience with home renovations of all types. Whether you want to remodel the kitchen, bathroom, or exterior of your property, we can help.

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