Windows and Siding Replacement, Kitchen Remodeling in Bartlett

Home renovations often start in the kitchen, such as this kitchen remodel that we completed in Bartlett. We completely renovated the kitchen with new counters, cabinets, lighting, and flooring.

The existing kitchen was in decent shape but showed signs of wear and tear along with a style that was more in demand a couple of decades ago. Our team got to work removing the old backsplashes, cabinets, and appliances. The counter space was also entirely redesigned, with the sink moved to a more convenient spot.

New windows were also added, including a new set of windows in the kitchen to allow more natural light inside. The location of the two windows in the corner of the kitchen by the sink dramatically altered the overall look and function of this room.

New counters were added, including new counters on the kitchen island. New flooring was also added, replacing the old boring tile with vinyl plank flooring. It offers the same look as real wood flooring but costs less and is easier to install. These updates made the kitchen a little more spacious while giving it a modern look that the family will likely enjoy for many years to come.

We also updated the exterior of the property by replacing the siding. As mentioned, new windows were also added. Replacing old windows and worn siding keeps air from escaping, making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. It can also add to the value and appeal of the property, which are useful benefits for those who plan on selling.

Along with kitchen renovations, we have extensive experience remodeling all other areas of homes and businesses. We offer comprehensive solutions for the inside and outside of your property. Our services cover the installation of siding, windows, roofing, soffit and fascia, insulation, and much more.

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